The new Mindesk Suite 2020

The first major update for the Mindesk family of plugins, from now onward named Mindesk Suite 2020, comes with one unified installer for Rhino, Grasshopper, SolidWorks and Unreal Studio.

Future CAD plugins will be part of this too.


Mindesk for Rhinoceros/Grasshopper

In the latest update, Mindesk for Rhino has improved the VR performance and the Grasshopper UX even further, in addition to new design review tools such as the XYZ coordinates query and the snapshot tool.

Moreover, the LiveLink with Unreal Studio is compatible with UE4.24 .
Besides synchronizing the model, now it has the option also to synchronize the viewports and match the materials of Rhino with the Unreal ones.


Mindesk for SolidWorks 2019/2020

The new version of the Mindesk plugin for SolidWorks is compatible with SolidWorks 2019 and SolidWorks 2020. There have been improvements in performance for large assemblies.

New features include:

  • Drag (with respect of geometric matings)
  • Pen
  • Collision detection
  • Explosion slider
  • Opacity slider
  • 1:1 scale

We are working also on the move function, useful for design review and training purposes.

Mindesk for SW2020