Current release channel

Mindesk Suite 2023.3.0

Released on June 16, 2023


Mindesk Studio:

  • improved multiuser, introduced the concept of virtual rooms
  • remote CAD access
  • synchronized cooperation between Unreal Engine, VR/AR/Viewer and 2D mode
  • added mouse interactions for the 2D mode
  • added desktop duplication with full mouse support
  • added hand interactions for the AR mode (Microsoft HoloLens 2)
  • added spatial mapping and holograms occlusion (Microsoft HoloLens 2)
  • added Speckle Connector (supported objects include Meshes and Polylines)
  • added objects notes (tooltip)
  • added support for materials texture
  • added BIM metadata management
  • introduced layer management
  • added explosion and transparency tool
  • added clipping tools
  • added manipulator tool
  • added UI scroll with controller thumbstick
  • added support for fly navigation
  • added background support (sky-box)
  • added manual positioning of the VR panels

Rhino Link:

  • support for Rhino 7
  • improved support for Grasshopper

Revit Link:

  • support for Revit 2021/2022/2023/2024
  • real-time metadata management
  • viewport and selection synchronization
  • real-time 3D view management

Unreal Engine 5 Link:

  • support for UE 5.0, UE 5.1 and UE 5.2
  • added BIM metadata management and live editing
  • improved texture support
  • support for Virtual Scouting mode
  • improved integration with Grasshopper
  • introduced remote connection via cloud

Dassault SolidWorks Link:

  • Added support for Dassault SolidWorks 2023
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Preview release channel

Next preview releases will be posted here soon.

Legacy support releases

Mindesk Suite 2021.2.7

Released on October 21, 2021


  • added possibility to specify the protocol (http or https) for the api server
  • added more logging while communicating with the api server
Unreal Engine Link:
  • added support for UnrealEngine 4.27
  • removed support for UnrealEngine 4.24
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Past releases history

Mindesk Suite 2021.2.6

Released on September 24, 2021


  • Fixed an issue after selecting a subscription while running Mindesk inside of a VM

Works with:

Mindesk Suite 2021.2.5

Released on September 17, 2021


  • Fixed an issue in the update check which could no longer contact the api server
  • Fixed an issue in the license check while running Mindesk inside of a VM

Works with:

Mindesk Suite 2021.2.4

Released on August 20, 2021

Rhino Link:

  • Support for web proxies while contacting the licensing server

SolidWorks Link:

  • Fixed a layout issue in the loading progress screen
  • Fixed an issue preventing large models to be loaded
  • Support for web proxies while contacting the licensing server

Works with:

Mindesk Suite 2021.2.3

Released on June 1, 2021


  • improved support for the HP Reverb G2 and OpenXR

Works with:

Mindesk Suite 2021.2.2

Released on April 28, 2021


  • fixed a connection issue while contacting the licensing server

Works with:

Mindesk Suite 2021.2.1

Released on April 27, 2021

Unreal Engine Link:

  • fixed actor memory usage

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