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Solidworks VR

Desktop / VR real-time collaboration

Collaborate with your team on the same SolidWorks assembly.

While you are reviewing the model in VR, a teammate can follow your operations and edit from the Desktop.

With Mindesk CAD Live Link, real-time collaboration accelerates brainstorming and decision making.

One click VR for Solidworks

Forget intricated model preparation phases and painful export procedures that waste hours or days of work.

With Mindesk no export is required, therefore, you can jump directly in VR from your CAD software with a click

VR visualization and Training

Check your assembly in 1:1 scale in VR . Finding design errors will be much simpler and will prevent extra costs in production.

Interact with the model and animate it according to the geometric mtes set in SolidWorks.

Use VR geometric mates interaction to simulate your assembly and train users.

Dynamic collisions detection in VR

Will it build? Check the constructability of your assembly with real-time collision detector.

Manipulate parts in 6 Degree Of Freedom (DOF) and when two parts collide, they become red.

Handle a screwdriver or another tool and simulate mounting phases.