Real-time rendering for Rhino

With Unreal Studio

Enjoy a photorealistic view of your project as you work on it.

With Mindesk CAD Live Link, you can use Rhino 6 in synergy with Unreal Studio for an unprecedented real-time workflow.

Rhino defines the geometry, while Unreal gives surfaces a great look. Mindesk keeps everything in sync.


Forget 3D export

How many hours or days have you spent in preparig your CAD assets for rendering?

Mindesk brings your 3D CAD model in Unreal in seconds.

You won't need to export your model at every change. Actually you won't export it anymore.

Accelerate your workflow up to 30X.

Persistent materials

Assign Unreal Studio materials to Rhinoceros or Grasshopper geometries.

Materials will stick to geometries while editing.


Lights simulation

Modeling or simulating. Why choose?

Edit your 3D model while simulating lights in Unreal to keep reflection and the overall visual impact under control.

1-Click CAD import

When your live-link session is over you can bake Rhino geometries in Unreal permanently.

Mindesk will save your CAD components as Unreal assets and generate a Blueprint component that you can use to easily summon the whole project.