Mindesk Suite 2022 Preview

We're excited to announce Mindesk Suite 2022's new features that continue to improve the collaborative design and coordination tools available to your teams and projects. Here's a quick look at what's in store in our new release:

Collaborative design review

With Mindesk Cloud, utilize immersive VR for collaborative design review. Achieve faster approvals, enhanced quality, and real-time engagement amongst your team and stakeholders.

revit multiuser
Mindesk Platform Architecture - Revit

Forget data prep, welcome Live Link

Mindesk Live Link syncs your CAD or BIM document in real-time. Edits to your model are instantly visualized in VR for you and your team.

Future updates will integrate our Rhinoceros and Solidworks Live Link into the 2022 platform. Mindesk Suite 2021 is still available for Rhino and Solidworks users.

Real-Time Rendering with Unreal Engine 4

Say goodbye to long wait times to prepare BIM data for photo-realistic renderings. 

With Mindesk's Live Link integration with Unreal Engine 4, edit your model with ease in Revit, and witness real-time updates to the rendered view. We help your team focus on creating the best architectural visualizations without friction between iterations.

bing map SF

Bring the City to Your Desk (Beta)

Mindesk Suite 2022 integrates third party 3D Maps. Place your building project in a 3D context and experience it before it’s even built.

This feature is experimental. If you are an Enterprise subscriber, contact us to obtain an early preview.

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